Are You Sensitive?

Sensitivity is mastery.  Your level of skill depends on your awareness of the minute ripples on the pond.  The apex predator can smell blood in the water from a mile away.  How sensitive are you to the minor disturbances in your environment?

Further, how sensitive are you to the minor disturbances within yourself - your own body, your internal environment?  Are there glaring signals that go unreceived?  

I've been thinking about this idea of sensitivity a lot over the past few days.  The more sensitive you are the more attuned you are to what’s happening around you, and within you.  

Where sensitivity gets a bad rap is in the world of emotions.  People who we deem "too sensitive" are hard to be around.  It's like walking on eggshells to keep them happy.  However, I would argue that what we call a sensitive person is actually a reactive person.  There is a difference between sensing and reacting.   Sensitivity requires no response.  We can be sensitive and non reactive.  We can be aware and unperturbed.  

Sensitivity is good.  It means that you can make precise adjustments because you have all the data.  When you're sensitive you can account for all variables and ignore the superfluous.   In training that manifests itself as noticing muscles that are imbalanced, breathing that is arhythmic, movement that feels off.  

The more sensitive you are the more informed you are.  But sensitivity has to be developed. 

Repetition.  Evaluation.  Contrast.  That's where sensitivity is born.  

It doesn't have to be difficult.  All you need to do is increase awareness.  Every moment, every movement can be one of learning if you want it to be.  Though, we do have to be selective.  We only have so much energy and focus.  So it should be pointed.  It's up to you to decide what to attune yourself to. 

The measure of your sensitivity, the measure of your mastery, is a measurement of awareness of what is going on and knowing what the situation calls for. 

Where is your heightened sensitivity?  Your mastery?  You have it.  If you're reading this that's a fact.  Perhaps its in understanding the emotions of others, having a hold on a particular market, or making sense of numbers on a spreadsheet.

Through this lens you can start paying attention to what you're attuned to and what you're not.  What are your super powers and where could you stand to increase your awareness?

Increase your sensitivity.  Deepen your mastery.