ProCoach Nutrition Program Testimonial: Chris Hendricks

Hey Everyone!

In the last year I've begun taking my clients through the ProCoach Nutrition and Lifestyle program developed by Precision Nutrition.  They've seen some amazing results so I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of their successes and congratulate them on a job well done. 

In today's post I'm going to let my client, Chris Hendricks, share with you his experience of ProCoach and how this program has positively affected his life.  Take it away, Chris!

1.)  Why did you join this nutrition coaching program?

- Chris Hendricks, coaching client & ProCoach user

- Chris Hendricks, coaching client & ProCoach user

"I really wanted to make a long-term commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  I’ve bounced around over the years with various diet strategies,  always with temporary results.  I was intrigued with a  program that speaks to smart nutritional habits rather than just a fast weight loss.  I’m focused on making long term habit changes, and this definitely takes the long view."

2.) What have you enjoyed about your experience with our nutrition coaching program?

"The daily lessons start my day and really help me stay focused.  The personal coaching helps me understand  better the reasons behind the plans, and keeps me focused on long term results over short term.  "

3.) What results have you seen from participating in this program? What physical, mental, and emotional changes have you seen in yourself?

"I feel like I’m much better prepared to make healthy food choices without feeling like I’m starving or deprived.  I’m stronger, leaner and more confident that I can choose to live a healthier lifestyle.  "

4.)  Would you recommend this program to others?  Who would you recommend a program like this to?

"Yes, I definitely think this an effective program.  It is highly educational and focuses on creating positive long term habits.   I think the plan is best suited to those that want to sustain a healthy lifestyle rather than just to lose a few pounds for the holidays."