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The Illusion of Balance

What we do incorrectly however is we call the appearance of being stationary 'balance', then thinking that any perturbation means we’re out of control.  But in fact balance is just the action of bringing yourself back to center.   Those that are really skilled in this feat are able to take on more and keep themselves in control.  They can handle the large movements that pull various directions while not losing their footing, like a gymnast.

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The Morning Routine - Your Secret Weapon For a More Productive Day

“The reality of morning routines is that we all have them.  We all have a general outline of certain things that we do upon waking and before our day starts.  The varying degrees to which that routine is effective and serves us very much depends on how much we’ve consciously chosen that routine and vetted its worthiness.  So my advice is simply take time to do just that.  Take time to sit and write down what things you’ll do in the morning and when.  Also important, be sure to write down the things you’ll avoid doing in the morning to maintain clarity and focus.  Here are a few aspects of what I believe is an effective morning routine:”

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