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What Supplements Should You Be Taking?

“…there are a few supplements that I regularly suggest to clients. These are supplements I recommend to *most* people *most* of the time as a strength and conditioning professional, a nutrition coach, and someone who has been in the health and wellness industry for a while now.  There are many more supplements I may recommend for specific cases with people that I work with.  However, this is a general list of supplements I think most of us can benefit from.”

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ProCoach Nutrition Program Testimonial: Chris Hendricks

“In the last year I've begun taking my clients through the ProCoach Nutrition and Lifestyle program developed by Precision Nutrition.  They've seen some amazing results so I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of their successes and congratulate them on a job well done. 

In today's post I'm going to let my client, Chris Hendricks, share with you his experience of ProCoach and how this program has positively affected his life.  “

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My Number 1 Tip to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain!

“The holidays are a wonderful time of year in which we think about others, we spend time with our family and friends, and we close out what invariably seems to be a busier year than the last.  It is also a time of great indulgence.  The holidays, for many of us, are about food... and lots of it.  Not just food, but delicious, savory, sweet, and ultimately very unhealthy food, of which we eat copious amounts…”

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