The Illusion of Balance

The illusion of balance is stillness.  That we are unwavering.  

But that's not the case.  There is always movement.  Life doesn't exist without it.  

So then truth of balance is counterbalance.  When one things swings to theright we pull to the left.  That’s how we stay on the track. Even when someone appears to be in a fixed position it's only an appearance.

You can prove this to yourself right now.  Stand on one leg with your other knee high.  Don't move.  No notice what is happening in your ankle.  Can you feel it?  If not, close your eyes.  Balance is harder, yes, but you will be able to notice each micro adjustment from the muscles in your ankle and foot.  

It's not that you are standing still.  Instead it's that the muscles in your foot are constantly adjusting to each slight shift of your center of mass to keep you inthe same relative  position.  It only appears that we're not moving.

This happens while standing on one leg.  This happens in life.  We do it naturally and some of us are better at it than others.  We find out that we spent way over our budget last month so this month we focus on saving.  We ate too much over Thanksgiving so we commit to a clean diet for the next 10 days.  That reaction is built into us and helps us stay in the same relative position, on track.  (We could call also call it stasis)

What we do incorrectly however is we call the appearance of being stationary 'balance', then thinking that any perturbation means we’re out of control.  But in fact balance is just the action of bringing yourself back to center.   Those that are really skilled in this feat are able to take on more and keep themselves in control.  They can handle the large movements that pull various directions while not losing their footing, like a gymnast.

The illusion of balance is stillness.  In life there will always be movement.  True balance is the ability to handle large swings that pull you from side to side while being able to gently bring yourself back to center.

Enjoy the act.