#11 - Keith Norris - Modern Strength Training, The Paleo Perspective, A Journey w/ Plant Medicine and Ayahuasca

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On today's episode I welcome co founder of Paleo F(x), Keith Norris, to the show.  Keith is a writer, speaker, strength and conditioning coach, self-optimization nut, and serial entrepreneur.  In 2012, he and his wife, Michelle, held the first inaugural Paleo F(x) conference here in Austin, TX.  What started as a small gathering of thought leaders and like-minded individuals has since exploded and is now the largest Paleo Lifestyle health and wellness conference in the world! 

Today, Keith finds himself at the absolute center of the ancestral health and wellness movement and continues to push others toward a life of optimal health and prosperous living!  Be sure to read some of the articles from his personal blog, Theory to Practice, and follows Keith's Journey by going to his Theory to Practice Facebook Page.

  • Keith’s beginning as an athlete
  • Coming up during the birth of modern strength and conditioning
  • The study of strength and conditioning and experiential knowledge
  • The most "bang for your buck" training regimen
  • Defining HIT, HIIT, and HIIRT
  • Keith’s journey to ancestral health and paleo lifestyle
  • Understanding diet’s role in our health and experience
  • Starting Paleo F(x) and waving the paleo flag
  • A pragmatic perspective on the paleo movement
  • Keith’s journey to plant medicine and his experience with ayahuasca
  • How plant medicine has helped Keith on his mission
  • Keith’s 2-3 pieces of advice to make yourself strong, healthy, and happy.
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