#2 - Kellen Milad - The Importance of Play, Self Mastery, and Free Movement

Today I welcome to the podcast a good friend, a training partner, and a mentor in Kellen Milad (IG @mke_free_mover).  Kellen is a fellow trainer working out of my hometown of Milwaukee, Wi, where he owns and operates his own training business and continues to spread his unique movement philosophy that he dubs "free movement".  Kellen is a MovNat instructor team lead, meaning he travels all around the world to instruct people in the ways of natural movement under the MovNat training system, and is prolific in producing relevant content that will help you to rethink your own movement practices and evolve your approach to fitness.  Whether you consider yourself a dedicated practitioner of movement and training or simply a passive observer, Kellen is a man worth listening to!


In today's episode:

  • The path from Counseling to Fitness (2:15)

    "A very terrifying time in my life..."
  • Kellen's training evolution (9:15)

  • Kellen's training today, his movement philosophy, and his purpose (13:00)

  • The process of unlocking someone's purpose through movement and training (17:20)

  • Conveying the value of movement to a general population (23:20)

  • Returning to play (24:20)

  • Playing as a method for obtaining feedback (28:55)

  • Demonstrating the value of movement and training against a productivity and output-driven society (32:20)

  • The way trainers and coaches do damage through being dogmatic (38:50)

  • Be in the box of "not having boxes" (43:05)

  • The need to control as a "burden of consciousness" (45:35)

  • Finding yourself through resistance - cold exposure, engaging with nature, and embracing mental and emotional practices (49:05)

  • "Movement isn't about movement.  It's a vehicle." (51:50)

  • Where is the world of movement going?  "...revolution" (53:40)

  • Kellen's top suggestions to move better and live your life more fully (59:05)


For more information on Kellen and his practice be sure to head over to his website http://www.movementparallelslife.com/ and get in touch with Kellen to begin the conversation!