#4 - Pat and Brittaney Cook - Opening a Facility, Recovery, & The Art of Coaching

Pat and Brittaney Cook Podcast

In this episode of the Moving Thought Podcast Pat and Brittaney Cook.  Pat and Brittaney own and operate the Austin-based training facility, Athletic Outcomes, and beyond being a fitness super couple they are some of the city's top coaches.

Brittaney is a Doctor of Chiropractic, has masters in both sports science and nutrition and has a seemingly endless wealth of knowledge to share with her clients, members, and patients.  Pat, who was formerly a public school teacher, has been coaching his entire adult life and refined his skills to develop and incredibly powerful and effective coaching style. Together the pair recently took a leap of faith and packed up their life in Chicago to move down to central Texas and open up their own training facility.  In just a year's time they've developed into one of the most respected and up and coming gyms in the city. 

In today's episode:

  • Why fitness over all the other options?  (3:00)
  • Pat’s trajectory from Teaching to the Fitness Industry (5:00)
  • The best parts of coaching (7:55)
  • The formula for coaching effectively (9:55)
  • The qualities of a good coach (12:35)
  • How do you become a good coach (15:15)
  • Research vs. experience (21:15)
  • Working with Endurance Athletes and General Fitness Clients (23:15)
  • How do you train an endurance athlete? (29:30)
  • The Importance of recovery (31:30)
  • Prenatal Training advice that doesn’t suck! (40:00)
  • Entrepreneurship in the fitness industry.  Why open your own facility? (43:30)
  • The Austin Fitness scene (50:20)
  • The direction of fitness, the direction of Athletic Outcomes (53:00)
  • Pat and Brittaney’s Top 3 pieces of advice to improve your life (57:30)
  • Where can you find Pat and Brittaney and learn more about their business!  (59:55)
Photo credit: Brio Photography

Photo credit: Brio Photography

If you wish to learn more about Pat and Brittaney be sure to check out their website AthleticOutcomes.com and follow them on Instagram (@athleticoutcomes).   Their gym is located on the southeast side of Austin, TX and can be found at 2301-A E Riverside Dr #300.