#5 - Bert Massey - Sitting with Discomfort, Training with Intention, the 30 minute Workout

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In this episode of the Moving Thought Podcast I welcome friend and colleague, Bert Massey, to the show.  Bert is head trainer at Efficient Exercise here in Austin, TX, a strength and conditioning specialist, and absolute wiz when it comes to movement and training. 

Bert, a Texas native, got introduced to weight lifting early in high school when his football coach encouraged him to become a varsity powerlifter during his freshman year.  After deciding that his original plan of becoming a lawyer would not lead to the life that he wanted, he applied the same meticulous dedication to learning everything about strength and conditioning that he would have to studying law.  Today, Bert is helping to lead the charge at Efficient Exercise, standardizing their programming to best serve their clients, and adapting his own training to support his love of training Brazilian jiu jitsu.  I was lucky to have him on the show today so he could share with you some of his "secret sauce", which will help you get the most from your training.


In today's episode:

  • Bert’s start in training 
  • Learning by necessity
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • A paradigm shift toward longevity
  • Truths of life.  Proactive health
  • Working with general populations.  The 30 minute workout
  • The ARX Fit machine
  • Arthur Jones, cam machines, eccentric overload
  • Ground based movements, complexity, and training your brain
  • Training priorities.  What to focus on with clients and in the gym
  • Extension, external rotation, postural work
  • Intention in training
  • Favorite exercises to achieve Bert’s top training priorities
  • How Bert goes about his own training
  • Physical culture
  • What do you see in the fitness industry that you would like to change?
  • Understanding the why of movement and exercise
  • Bert’s 2-3.  His advice to be come stronger, healthier, and happier
  • Where to find more about Bert, Efficient Exercise, and ARX fit

Mentioned in the show...

The Pendulum Press:

The ARX Fit Machine...

Be sure to follow Bert on IG @masseybv.  To learn more about Efficient Exercise and their operation here in Austin, TX please visit efficientexercise.com.   If you want to learn more about ARX Fit machines please visit arxfit.com.  

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