#16 - Anita Lane - Breakthrough Laser Coach, Getting "Unstuck"

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Today's guest is Anita Lane. Anita is a BreakThrough life coach and her work centers around getting people unstuck. We’ve all been there before -we feel like we’re doing absolutely everything right but for some reason, it just doesn’t give and things don’t go our way. That’s where Anita comes in. She helps people to dive deep below the surface to see what unconscious program is truly holding you back. Not only is she an amazing coach but she has an incredible story. She has overcome a lot from losing a husband with two small children, to overcoming breast cancer, to finding her calling in life and starting her own business. She has a lot of to share and this one is not to be missed!

To learn more about Anita and her work go to her website at AnitaCoaching.com

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Colin Van Ert