#9 - Blake Shanley - The Energetic Perspective, Tiny Taiga, Being Holistic

Today I welcome to the show the very charming and very enchanting, Blake Shanley!  Blake is the owner of a holistic health store here in town known as Tiny Taiga.  There, she not only provides products to help people take control of their health, but also works as an energetic health coach.  Through teaching her clients how to see the flow of energy between themselves and the things around them, she is able to show them how to heal their bodies and restore order to their lives.

This is far and away from any sort of dogmatic and unfounded belief system.  Blake has spent the greater part of her life studying nutrition, philosophy, spirituality, and the human body.  She has coalesced all aspects of her education to form a comprehensive approach that empowers her clients and helps them find balance.



In today's episode...

  • “we’re all just experimenting”
  • The conception of Tiny Taiga
  • how do you use tiny taiga to help ppl
  • Getting away from compartmentalizing our lives
  • Everything is personal, everything is self care, everything is everything
  • Being an individual as a cultural view
  • Cultural views on community and holistic standpoints
  • Slowing down, taking time to build something real
  • My lame tattoo explanation
  • What Blake does when she works with people
  • Explaining energetic concepts like vibrations, frequencies, and energies
  • Talking about energetic concepts to skeptics
  • Explaining what Chakras are
  • The explanation of “why" is the experience
  • What do you say to people who want proof?
  • bridging gaps of psychology and spiritualism.  parallels of different systems of thought
  • Blake’s 2-3, her top tips to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life!

Be sure to find out more about her by visiting her in person at Tiny Taiga, visiting her website at www.TinyTaiga.com, and following her on Instagram and Facebook @TinyTaigaAustin.