#14 - Dr. Brittaney Cook - Starting A Business, Training During Pregnancy, Being A Fitness SuperMom

Brittaney and Pat Cook Athletic Outcomes

Today’s guest is my friend, coworker, employer, and badass super mom, Dr. Brittaney Cook.  Brittaney and her Husband Pat are the owners of Athletic Outcomes here in Austin Texas, which is the facility I use to work with my in-person coaching clientele and also do some coaching for Pat and Brittaney.  Brittaney is a Doctor of Chriopractic with multiple degrees in Nutrition, sports science, and has been coaching for a long time. On top of starting and running one of the most successful training facilities in Austin in the past two years, Brittaney and her husband Pat just last year had their first child and welcomed baby June to the family.  Today we talk about the Journey of being a business owner, how pregnant women can stay healthy and fit before and after giving birth, and the methods of a coach to help clients with their nutrition.

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Colin Van Ert