#10 Dr. Chris Gumbs - Limiting Beliefs and Recovery, Reeducating the Body, Moving away from Pain

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On today’s episode I talk to a very bright, very level headed thinker when it comes to movement, pain, and recovery in Physical Therapist Dr. Chris Gumbs. I met chris recently in my attempt to get more involved in the Austin Movement community. He helps facilitate a group that was started by his girlfriend, Meghan, the Austin Movement Meet Up, which is a collection of individuals getting together to share their various backgrounds of training so everyone can indulge in a broader range of human movement. After digging in a bit more I found out that Chris is a very knowledgeable physical therapist and he is very effective at getting his clients out of pain, which he accredits to a holistic approach to looking at the body. He’s very well spoke and has a beautiful message worth sharing with world. I think the only prerequisite to enjoying today’s conversation is that you yourself have a body. If you got that, you’re going to have a good time.

In today's episode...

Chris and his girlfriend Meghan...

Chris and his girlfriend Meghan...

  • Chris’ journey and the state of Physical Therapy today
  • Getting away from the compartmentalization of viewing the body and building a community of healthcare
  • how to become an advocate for your own health
  • Everything starts in the mind and achieving breakthroughs
  • How we age ourselves with our habits and with our beliefs  
  • The profound of fact of not only adaptation, but reeducation
  • The understanding trigger points and the power of dry needling 
  • How stretching is often times not the answer and can be harmful
  • How did it go from athletics and physical therapy to a broader realm of movement?
  • Starting the Austin Movement Meet-up group
  • Moving better…literally and figuratively.
  • Chris’ 2-3

Chris' recent post on the importance of minimalist footwear