#7 - CJ Finley - The Start Up Life, FittFinder App, Learning to Serve


In today's episode of The Moving Thought Podcast I welcome CJ Finley to the show.

CJ is a young entrepreneur and after living a corporate lifestyle as an engineer at a pharmaceutical company, he had a strong realization of what he really wanted from life and jumped in to the world of start ups.  He is now growing his own business along with his partners who are soon to be launching a brand new fitness app called FittFinder, which may very well revolutionize the way we interact in our own health and fitness communities. 

CJ brings a very philanthropic mindset to the table and backs it up with a ton of positivity and motivation.  If you were looking for the inspiration to get off your ass and start chasing your dreams, then this conversation is for you!

In today's episode...

  • How CJ got to Austin
  • CJ’s Thrive on Life philosophy
  • Making Fitness accessible to everyone
  • the energy in fitness
  • Positivity mindset.  the end of complaints
  • Leaving the corporate life and entering the world of start ups
  • The FittFinder App
  • How to build a strong network and do the most good
  • "Who can I serve today?"
  •  Growing communities through genuine communication
  • The art of slowing down
  • Good old fashion gratitude rant 😃
  • CJ’s 2-3 - how to live a strong, healthy, happy life

To learn more about CJ and his start up company check him out on Instagram @ThriveOnLife and go to there website FittFinder.com

CJ and his fiancé Erin

CJ and his fiancé Erin