#6 - Ruwan Meepagala - A Life Remote, The Orgasm Cult, and Lessons From a Life Coach

Ruwan Meepagala THe Moving thought podcast

In this episode of the Moving Thought Podcast I welcome Ruwan Meepagala to the show.  Ruwan is a life coach and a recent transplant to the Austin area. 

Ruwan, a native New Yorker, found himself at an early age through writing and delving into the world of self help.  It wasn't long before he started to question the rules of society and began to ask deeper questions.  His thirst for life and sense of adventure has led him to many interesting places and experiences.  From getting caught up with a cult that preaches the power of orgasm and meditation to finding himself a year out of college, in charge of a social media company, and working only a hand full of hours a week...Ruwan is living his own interesting story.   He's been coaching for more than five years and now he is in the process of transitioning to a life working completely online and remotely.

In this episode we talk everything from travel to life philosophy, to movementand training philosophy, and much, much more.   I think you all will love listening to Ruwan and all of the interesting things he has to share!

In this episode:


  • Ruwan’s transition and life in Austin
  • Moving around, setting up roots
  • How we ended up in Austin
  • My approach to acting first, figuring it out second
  • Trials and tribulations of relocation
  • Ruwan’s Trajectory into Life Coaching
  • Writing, provocation, and reaching people
  • Being involved with One Taste, life with the Orgasmic Meditation Cult
  • Leaving the cult and being ostracized
  • Moving away from one taste, becoming a coach 
  • Learning through podcasts and audio formats
  • Choosing your input and the communities you join
  • The benefits of travel
  • Shameless Viviendo En Forma Retreat plug
    • https://www.viviendoenformaretreat.fitness/
  • Ruwan’s training regimen 
  • Understanding progressions.  Train the basics
  • Fundamentals of training
  • Training and Brain Function
  • Ruwan’s 2-3.  His advice for living a happier, healthier, more productive life.


To learn more about Ruwan and what he does I highly encourage you all to go over to his website Ruwando.com  and see what he's about!