Moves to Know

Mobility / Integrity - Shoulders

Kettlebell Halos

Active and Passive Hanging

Arm circle routine


Wall Slides

Overhead Squat

Dislocates / Overhead pass


Scapular Push ups

Shoulder Taps

Mobility / Integrity - Spine

A ten minute mobility routine to awaken your body, mobilize the spine, and improve posture.

Prone Extension to "W" shape

Hip hinge drill

Jefferson Curls

Mobility / Integrity - Hips

Hip opening sequence #1

Overhead Squat

Rotational Pivots

Plank Lunge + Rotation

Reverse Lunge + OH Reach

Glute Bridges

Hip Hinge Drill

Functional Strength

Kettlebell Swing

Turkish Get Up "TGU"

One Arm KB Swing

Kettlebell Thruster to OH Reverse Lunge

Lawnmower Row

one arm overhead press

Suspension trainer push up

Active & Passive Hanging

Suspension Trainer Body Row & High Row


Functional Movement

Basic Crawling Pattern

Lizard crawl

Inverted Crawl

Core Strength

V-ups & knee tuck v-ups

Shoulder Taps

Ape walk

Bear Walk

Hinge Walk / Ostrich Walk


Plank Variations

Bird Dogs

Hollow Body & Bent Hollow Body

Other Videos

In this 6 minute video, I'll take you through a full body mobility routine to wake up your body, improve your mobility, and start your day refreshed an energized!

A video from a few years back where I demonstrate 12 fundamental capoeira movements.  These are great movemetns to learn if you're interested in doing capoeira or if you simply want to add some new movements to your fitness routine that will strengthen the whole body while improving mobility and coordination.